Reach Millions with Boredo

Get your app into the hands of millions of loyal users with Boredo. Boredo is a cross promotion network for mobile developers to market and promote great apps to their user base.  

Major publishers and development houses do this all the time with much success.  We aim to foster the same level of success for independent developers.

We're seeking Android apps with 500k+ installs and 3.5 star rating on Android Market.  If that's you complete this form to apply to Boredo.
  • More Downloads

    More Downloads

    Boredo is a group of developers banded together to cross promote new apps and products to millions of loyal customers

  • More Loyal Customers

    More Loyal Customers

    Boredo is built on recommendations. Recommendations lead to loyal customers

  • Grow Your Business

    Grow Your Business

    More Downloads + More Loyal Customers = Growth. Whether your app is free or freemium, paid or ad based – Boredo helps you grow

  • Spend Nothing

    Spend Nothing

    The currency within Boredo is promoting others great apps to your customers. Period

  • Build a Fantastic App

    Build a Fantastic App

    Boredo selects only quality, user focused apps to participate

  • Choose Other Apps to Promote

    Choose Other Apps to Promote

    You pick which apps you recommend to your users

  • Watch the Flood of New Users

    Watch the Flood of New Users